OIT offers researchers several research data storage options depending on their storage needs and data requirements. For data storage requests beyond the scope of current storage availability, OIT can help researchers find cost-effective cloud or alternative data storage options.

CHPC and UAHPC Data Storage 

OIT provides each user 50GB/500GB storage in /home/ and /bighome/. UAHPC and CHPC also share a ~650 TB Panasas Ultra storage array for additional near-line storage. Faculty may purchase up to 100TB (based on availability) on the Panasas at $50/TB/year. Faculty may also choose to purchase a storage node. Bighome storage is purged every 30 days. 


Solution Supported Project Size Backup $/TB/Year Funded by
/home 50GB Local + Off-site Free OIT
/bighome 500GB Nonea Free OIT
/scratch 20TB Noneb Free OIT
Panasas Ultra <100TB Nonea $50 Faculty, OIT
Storage Node <100TB None ~$12c Faculty

a Two weeks of daily snapshots
b No snapshots, after 30 days untouched files will be removed automatically
c Slow, legacy storage

Computing nodes also contain their own local temp storage as “/state/partition1”. The capacity of local temp storage varies from node to node on UAHPC due to the condo-funded model (250 GB – 1TB). Local temp storage of nodes on CHPC is consistently higher: ~15TB.

Research Data Storage 

OIT provides additional long-term storage at low cost to any tenure-track faculty, designated research center, department, or principal investigator on a research grant. The link to the storage hosting request form is available at the bottom of OIT’s Hosting Services page. Enterprise storage comes with a standard daily off-site backup with 15 days of retention. This means that when you need 1TB of local storage, you really are asking for 2+TB total storage and the backup services.

OIT is currently configuring a 300TB BeeGFS storage array to provide a lower-cost option for commodity storage with no replicated backup. For >100TB storage requests, OIT can help the researcher engage Microsoft to purchase storage in UA’s Azure cloud environment. 

 Limited storage at no cost is available to UA faculty, staff, and students via Microsoft OneDrive and UABOX. OIT is currently evaluating alternative cloud and on-premises low-cost research storage options.  


Solution Use Quota Notes $/TB/Year
Microsoft OneDrive Research, Collaboration, Pedagogy 5 Tb

100 Gb max file size upload; includes one cloud copy

Quota free
UA Box Research, Collaboration 5 Tb 15 Gb max file size upload Quota free
UA Enterprise Storage Full backup/off-site recovery Based on availability; <20 Tb Includes 1 full off-site copy; limited capacity; PII storage available $100/Tb/Year
Panasas Ultra (PanFS) – Commodity Commodity research <100 Tb No copy, RAID redundancy $50/Tb/Year
Panasas Ultra (PanFS) – HPC HPC-Attached

50 Gb /home, 500 Gb /bighome,

<20 Tb 30-day scratch 

No copy, RAID redundancy Quota free; $50/Tb/Year additional
OuRRstore Tape Archive (OSCER) Long term (Glacial) data archiving n/a Must upload data; 20-200 Gb recommended file size $60/12 Tb LTO Tape
UAResCloud (Microsoft GovCloud) Restricted Data (CMMC, CUI) 5 Tb (OneDrive) Sponsored Projects engagement required Quota free
*BeeGFS Array* (expected Q1 ’23) Commodity research <100 Tb No copies TBD


Research Data Management Plans

OIT, University Libraries and the Office of Sponsored Programs have partnered to assemble tools to facilitate the development of appropriate research data management plans for research grant proposals. Visit the UA Libraries site for more information.

Data Archiving (OuRRstore)

As an EPSCoR member, UA has access to University of Oklahoma’s OU & Regional Research Storage (OURRStore) tape archiving platform. Please contact OIT for details on using OURRStore for your research data archiving.

Researcher-purchased Storage Arrays 

OIT provides data center hosting services for Researcher-purchased storage arrays at the Gordon Palmer data center. See OIT Hosting Services for details.